The Working Dog Practitioner Program
About the Program
Working and performance dogs serve important roles in safety and health as well as enhance the human-animal bond. This certification provides tools to help veterinarians best serve the unique needs of these dogs and their handlers. Furthermore, it allows handlers to recognize the commitment of their veterinarian. Learn more>>

Program Description
The Working Dog Practitioner Program is comprised of four sections: Introduction: Online Modules, Core, Electives, and Preceptorship. It is a combination of online and hands-on learning that allows veterinarians to become certified in working and performance dog medicine on their own timeline. Students may register for each section one at a time, but they must be completed in the prescribed order. Not sure if this program is for you? Try out the first module for FREE.

Who We Serve
This program is for practicing veterinarians who want to provide the most advanced care for their working and performance dog clients.

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