Finalize your certification with mentored, hands-on learning. Each preceptorship will include 8 hours at a canine performance event/training, 8 hours at a canine rehabilitation facility with a certified practitioner/therapist, and 24 hours of observation at a pre-approved facility in your area of interest.


  • Participate in a working or performance event to experience the physical and behavioral challenges that face the dogs
  • Experience the application of rehabilitation techniques for working or performance dogs
  • Explore new information relevant to working and performance dogs through continuing education focused on working or performance dogs

Course Details

PVWDP participants shall use the linked PVWDP Preceptorship Site Approval Form to request approval for their intended preceptorship experience hours.
Prerequisites for requesting approval of their 40-hour preceptorship is the completion of:
  • Online Introductory Modules – 13, one-hour modules on various Working Dog (WD) topics.
  • Advanced Electives – participants need to complete at least three electives.
  • 3-day, hands-on CORE workshop hosted at the PVWDC in Philadelphia.
Participants shall submit their completed: PVWDP Preceptorship Site Approval Form and send it to to request approval for EACH site and/or venue they intend to use to obtain their PVWDP preceptorship hours. Participants may use various sites/venues to complete their required hours, however, they must submit and receive approval for each site/venue they plan to attend. 
We require participants to submit their completed Preceptorship Site Approval form (page 1) at least 30 days prior to beginning their experience to allow time for review and approval. Failure to do so could mean that the hours the participant completes prior to receiving approval may not be accepted nor count towards their 40-hour fulfillment requirement.
Each participant must complete a total of 40 preceptorship hours consisting of:
  • At least 8 hours at a K9 rehabilitation or physical therapy facility under the guidance of a certified canine practitioner/therapist. Note: Participants must directly observe a licensed/certified canine physical therapist or practitioner (e.g., DACVSMR or C.C.R.P./ C.C.R.T.)
  • 8 hours at a K9 performance event or training venue.
  • 24 hours of observation at a pre-approved facility in your area of interest.

Note: Participants may use various sites/venues towards completing their required hours, however, they must submit and receive approval for each site/venue they plan to attend.

Keep in mind that, in general, we do not accept prior or current professional or personal work or related WD experience or involvement to count towards your preceptorship hours. The intent of the preceptorship is for participants to broaden their WD knowledge and exposure by observing a variety of WD disciplines and aspects of WD-related medicine (e.g., rehabilitative techniques) that are outside of the participants’ normal WD population and/or practice. Therefore, we highly advise that attendees complete their preceptorship hours at a location or venue outside of their typical/routine WD exposures and practices.
Once participants complete their approved preceptorship experience, they will complete their submitted PRECEPTORSHIP LOG (page 3 of the linked form) to To receive full credit for their preceptorship experience, the participant must provide the typed or printed NAME, POSITION, and CREDENTIALS of the person having knowledge of attendance:

(For hours obtained at Canine Rehabilitation Facility, this must be the certified practitioner/therapist that the participant directly observed under).

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