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Introduction to Scent Detection Dogs – Free Trial

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Working and performance dogs, as compared to their pet counterparts, have higher physical exertion demands, increased risk for injury, and greater exposure to hazardous substances and environments. The Working Dog Practitioner certification program is designed to provide specialized instruction through online and hands-on learning that provides veterinarians the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the unique requirements and occupational hazards of working dogs, while providing handlers with the confidence of finding a practitioner that understands their working partner.

Instructors include specialty certified practicing veterinarians with real life experience and subject matter experts in the working dog field. The Working Dog Practitioner program is RACE approved for continuing education credits. This trial grants you unlimited access to the first online module Introduction to Scent Detection Dogs and gives you the opportunity to explore the course format before registering for the certification program.

*Assignments and tests required for credit are only available upon full registration.