Elective – Advanced Therapies in Working Dog Rehabilitation

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Elective – Advanced Therapies in Working Dog Rehabilitation

In this elective, you will learn about the uses and benefits of aquatic therapy (underwater treadmill), photobiomodulation (or laser therapy), massage techniques, kinesiology taping, and nutraceuticals as they apply to Working Dogs. This elective consists of six, one-hour online modules and is designed to be completed at your own pace.

$450.00 $600.00

To be able to register for Elective - Advanced Therapies in Working Dog Rehabilitation, you will need to have purchased the prerequisite "Introduction: Online Modules" and "Core: 3-Day Hands On"
  1. Identify the micro and macroscopic changes and treatment for canine arthritic joints
  2. Understand how to use kinesiology tape for pain mitigation and proprioceptive awareness in the Working Dog.
  3. Understand the science and current literature of laser therapy including the dose recommendations of photobiomodulation for musculoskeletal, dermatological, and neurological conditions for Working Dogs.
  4. Identify massage techniques and how to apply them for athletic and Working Dog.
  5. Understand how underwater treadmill sessions impact the canine’s cardiovascular system.
  6. Define nutraceutical and identify the current supplements that can improve the health and reduce pain in the Working Dog.


COURSE DETAILS: Prerequisite “Introduction: Online Modules” and “Core 3-Days Hands On”

Credits: 6 hours online RACE CE units


Module 01: Injectable Therapy for Osteoarthritis and Lumbosacral Disease, 1 hour

Module 02: Kinesiology Taping for Canines, 1 hour

Module 03: Laser Therapy in Veterinary Rehabilitation, 1 hour

Module 04: Massage Therapy in Veterinary Rehabilitation, 1 hour

Module 05: Underwater Treadmill Use for Working Canines, 1 hour

Module 06: Nutraceuticals for the Working Canine, I hour

Access: 12-months access

This elective is authored by Dr. Matt Brunke, a 2004 graduate of Ross University and Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Brunke serves as the medical director for the Veterinary Surgical Centers Rehabilitation in the northern Virginia and has been actively practicing in the field of veterinary rehabilitation since 2008. No matter what discipline of Working Dog you have or support, this elective will help you learn the fundamental techniques of canine rehabilitation to keep the Working Dog healthy and operationally sound.

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